Drager 7489359 MicrO2 Portable Oximeter

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T North American Drager
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Model: 7489359 MicrO2
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60151 - Drager 7489359 MicrO2 Portable Oximeter

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Uses U9VL Battery Only, Not included With: Nellcor Pre Amp and Finger Probe 1270318 MicrO2 Transmitter Connection Cable Portable SpO2 monitor with OXISURETM. Up to 30 hours of continuous monitoring using only a 9V battery (lithium) 24 hour trend output directly to a PC using industry standard software Supports Dräger approved Nellcor SpO2 sensors. Full alarm capability for SpO2 and pulse rate weight 220 g (0.5 lbs) with battery.