Welch Allyn Video Path Video Colposcope
Welch Allyn Video Path Video Colposcope
78455 - Welch Allyn Video Path Video Colposcope

The Welch Allyn video colposcope is a fully self-contained, stand-alone unit that incorporates light, power and video into a unique, compact system. For colposcopy, this is a true breakthrough that makes all the benefits of high-resolution video imaging affordable for the physician. The result is more convenience, performance and satisfaction for you and your patient than has ever been available before.

A new light source that changes the way you look at things
Proprietary Welch Allyn Solarc lamp generates light 50% brighter and whiter than any halogen light source for truer tissue color.
Concentrated light source produces uniform, high-density beam with no loss of light, even at high magnification.
The power of true video imaging
Brilliant, High-Resolution Images No couplers or beam splitters to degrade image quality or field of view.
Accurate Tissue Color Solarc illumination provides white, bright light for true color rendition with no light loss at any magnification.
Easy to Use Sleek, compact design with ambidextrous controls improves access to the patient.
Enhanced Vascularity Patent-pending electronic green filter removes red from image with no loss of light.
Remote Documentation Capture, store and print images directly from the instrument.
Continuous Zoom & Focus Motorized, digitally controlled camera module provides step-free operation.
Shadow-Free Illumination Adjustable illumination beam director rotates to eliminate shadows during any procedure.
Enhanced Education, Compliance & Training Simultaneous viewing of video images facilitates group participation among doctors, patients and staff.
All-in-one integration for true video colposcopy
Self-contained design incorporates video, illumination and power in a single, compact module that maximizes working space.
The ability to capture, freeze and store images directl from the handle of the instrument for convenient operation.
Swing arm stand that provides unobstructed access to the patient.
Electronic green filter enhances vascularity with no light loss.
Uniquely designed adjustable illumination beam director for shadow-free illumination.
Digitally controlled step-free system provides continuous zoom (from 4.5x - 25x) and focus.

Features and Benefits
The direct-to-screen colposcope gives you full-screen, high-resolution images with no couplers or beam splitters to degrade image quality or field of view.
Welch Allyn Solarc® lighting generates 50% whiter, brighter light for true tissue color.
Push button on-screen magnification index.
Unique polarization filter removes glare for accurate tissue assessment.
Electronic green filter removes red from image with no light loss.
Store, retrieve, compare, annotate and transmit images with advanced image management.
A variety of documentation options are available.
Technical Specifications
Illumination: Solarc 5500 °K Color Temp
Focal Length: 300 mm
Magnification: 4.5X–30X
Field of View: 66–14 mm
Depth of Field: 112–5 mm
Power Supply: 110/120 V, 220/240 V